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 You created a great product that you know the world needs, so why aren't you expanding your reach and revenue at the speed you'd like?

There are two ways to grow your business, the easy way, with a strategic plan that aligns with your purpose, lifestyle and target market, or the hard way, trying different tactics every month and seeing what sticks. I help people grow their business strategically and sustainably.

You may have the website, the storefront, the payment processor or great branding, but something's not working and your results are not where you'd like them to be.

Or maybe you haven't launched yet, you have been making plans for a while and your product idea is clear, but you are not quite sure how to put it into practice, will it work?

You listen to consumers, hoping they can tell you what they need, or you listen to other product-makers or store-owners, who aren't objective or don't know your industry.

What you need is someone to come in and give you step-by-step advice on how and when to sell.

More about how I work

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"The Work Smarter Crew for Product Builders and Makers"

Let's face it, having a product or a store is immensely different from selling services. That's why I started "The Work Smarter Crew", the only Facebook community specially designed for product-based businesses.

This is for product makers/builders and store owners to share and learn about their challenges and wins, network, grow and get exclusive content.

Hi, I'm Leyla Razeghi and I am the ONLY Business Consultant for Product-Based businesses with a purpose, that mixes strategic planning with retail industry and consumer psychology secrets.

We start with purpose - why you created and want to sell your product. What you hope it will do for people. And then we create a plan to achieve your goals.

The world is full of amazing products hidden under shelves and behind doors, because the people who created them dot know how to put them out in the world in a meaningful way.

I specialize in retail, consumer psychology, pricing, selling in retail and promotions.

I help you build a customized plan so you can grow your business, live the lifestyle of your dreams and leave a legacy.

You're great at what you do - so am I.

Let me create your strategy with simple and clear next steps so you can focus on your product.

I work with CEO's or owners of product-makers and store-owners who are purpose-driven and have a unique, original and innovative product that they're truly passionate about and has demand in the market.

More about how I work

If your business foundations don't work, your product won't sell!

That's why I created the P.O.N.D System which starts with validating your business idea:

  • It takes high-level "business school" processes and techniques and translates them into advice that's executable and understandable.
  • P: We start by defining the Problem that you'll be solving
  • P: Then we define your Purpose driven plan.
  • O: Now it's time to work on your Offerings: product, pricing, and packages.
  • N: Time for a New Launch or Relaunch of your business!
  • D: Finally, we develop strategies for you to find more clients, your Direction for success.

If you're ready to grow your business to its full potential (with a heart!) apply for a complimentary 1/2 hour strategy session.

During this session, we'll get acquainted and I will start giving you tips and ideas to grow your business.