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"The Success Checklist for Impactful Businesses"

The business world can be confusing, there are so many possibilities, strategies, tactics to grow your business. Identify what is the next step for your business success.

This checklist will help you identify your stage in business and determine what the next step is to achieve business success.

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Strategic Consulting for Growth for Impactful Businesses


You know what you want to achieve. Now let’s get you there faster and easier.

I offer business consulting for growth to businesses that want to do things differently and are in the process of making an impact on a group of people or the environment.

I am an industry insider that worked for 8+ years for international government agencies and Tier One Fortune 500 companies in retail and consumer products. I have helped over one hundred brands across different industries effectively grow. Today, I use that knowledge to support small businesses grow sustainably and efficiently.

I offer specialized programs for both products and services. Understanding that these two types of businesses are incredibly different, I provide customized growth solutions each.

I help you launch and grow, by working smarter, not harder. This often translates into less work and better results. The benefits of working with me are not just saving money and making more money, but also saving time and feeling more confident after getting clarity on your business direction and plan.

I also have access to a team of collaborators and partners that can help you execute your strategy and create tactics in other areas such as social media strategy and execution, product design, product distribution, research, and PR.

More about how I work

I work with two types of businesses:

Product-Makers or Store Owners

If you have a product or a store that offers “better,” more conscious and impactful options to consumers (natural, organic, ethically sourced, handmade, etc.), I will help you set up solid foundations so you can launch with success while optimizing and managing your growth across different channels.


I assist ground-breaking service providers in creating plans for growth that will help them find their unique positioning and competitive advantages in a crowded marketplace. The advantages I help you discover will allow you to design the right growth plan for your business.


Here is how I work with my clients

Success checklist for impactful businesses

What is the right next step for your business? Find out by using this short checklist

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