Your product is not good enough

You created a great product that you know the world needs, so you’re on your way to launching.

You’re sure you’ll put it out there and everything will be great! people will buy it and tell all their friends.

You may even have your branding, your website, your logo and the product design. Maybe you’ve already put it out there and got great reviews.

Usually here is where people get stuck, they are so excited that they launch right away. They think that having a great product is all they need to succeed.

Many times they start investing in their business, left, right and center, they buy all the things that they think will help them sell more: all the marketing, PR and advertising available.

While all those tools can help you sell more, and are incredibly valuable for businesses, the truth is that without a strategy, every initiative is a shot in the dark.

You need a customized plan, you need clarity on your foundations, to name a few, you need to truly know your target market, your business plan and be 100% sure that each action and investment is going to take you closer to your goals and vision.

The plan comes first, and the marketing comes later. Trying to go out there and sell first is like putting your pants first and your underwear after ;), a plan is not something that you do when you want to reach more growth, it’s something that you do as soon as possible, your plan is the GPS to your business journey.