Sell your products on Instagram (no funnel needed)

  If you make your own product, you are not a stranger to the fact that 95% (or more) of the advice out there is for service providers, to be more specific, for coaches. No hate to the coaches and consultants (I am one!) but it is definitely lonely out there for products! A lot […]

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Are long sales funnels necessary for products?

Do you need a long online Sales Funnel to sell your product? The short answer is NO Product-makers are getting BAD advice every single day! All the tools and techniques that high-end coaches use do not apply to product businesses. Say “no” to one-size-fits-all advice! Why you don’t need a funnel for your product (but […]

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Success checklist for impactful businesses

What is the right next step for your business? Find out by using this short checklist

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