Official bio

Leyla is a Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker known for her high energy, sense of humor and for her unique delivery that combines unapologetic honesty with kindness.

As a Business Strategist, she believes that it’s possible to make money while making a positive impact on the world and society.

With three business degrees and having worked with some of the biggest corporations in the consumer products and retail industry, including P&G, Nestle and Smuckers, as well as being a consultant to small business non for profit and government agencies; to date, Leyla has helped over one-hundred brands grow by developing the right strategies.

Razeghi's formal education includes a degree in industrial engineering, a Masters in strategy, a diploma in Brand Management, and training in solution-focused consulting.

Leyla now works with impactful businesses helping they build customized plans for growth, so they can make more money, save money and work smarter.

Her goal is to give impactful businesses tactical guidance to turn their ideas into products and services that are understood, valued and loved by their employees and customers.

My story

I embrace change: From engineering student to corporate consultant to entrepreneur.

First big change:

In 2009 I moved from El Salvador to Canada after living in Latin America for 25 years. Yes, I just picked up and left...

Culture shock? Not really! I loved Canada's multiculturalism right away, and I worked hard to make a life for myself here.

Since then I have helped 100+ brands understand their market and find their dream clients for any product or service that you can think of: from jam to soap, to dog coats (yes, dog coats), to non-profit, to law firms, to clinics, to wine!

My other main area of expertise is process and task efficiency that I have applied to several small businesses and government agencies. All this experience helped me develop a system that helps my clients grow sustainably and efficiently.

Back in 2012, I had worked in Government Agencies, Corporate Consumer Goods and Consulting Firms for more than seven years. I enjoyed the work I got to do every day. But I started developing an idea and itch to do something different.

Why did I start my business?

I wanted to work with clients that I wanted to work with and truly commit to seeing them succeed. Plus, I've always truly believed that we are here to make a positive change in the world with our talents, and I wanted to be doing just that!

I'm committed to my client's success and I only work with businesses that align with my vision: helping businesses to grow sustainably and efficiently so they can make a bigger positive impact through their offerings.

We co-create your business model and a strategy with executable goals and simple actions steps. I help you create plans that work for YOU: Your Vision, Your Purpose, Your Business, Your Personality.

Working at some of the biggest corporations in consumer products and retail and consulting for not-for-profits and entrepreneurs, I know retail industry secrets, plus theories from engineering and my master’s studies in strategy and innovation. I apply all of this knowledge and experience to develop business plans that work.

Her goal is to give conscious businesses tactical guidance to turn their ideas into products and services that are understood, valued and loved by their employees and customers.

Success checklist for impactful businesses

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